Aesthetic Enhancement of Lakes

While some private ponds and lakes are focused on the fish and fishing, others are created simply to enhance the landscape.  Property owners, property managers, homeowner associations, hotels, golf courses, and resorts all may have lakes that are designed for residents and customers.  Some of these are designed for swimming, but they are not necessarily fishing lakes.   Those in charge of commercial properties should be particularly concerned with the ongoing health of a lake as it is one of the reasons customers come back year after year and season after season.

There are a number of options available when a decision is made to improve the quality and appearance of the lake.  The decision starts with the current state of the body of water.  Something as basic as trash removal may be the first step.  From there, other options exist.  Trees can be planted and aquatic flowering plants added.  There can be construction that restores eroding shorelines.  Sand can be hauled in.  Docks can be built.  The options available depend on the desire and budget of the person or persons managing the lake.

Fountains can be added.  If an older lake is being renovated, a poorly functioning fountain can be replace with a newer model that both works and looks better.  There are many styles and sizes to fountains.  Fountains are not only esthetically pleasing, they also add and mix necessary oxygen to the water for the health of the lake.

Plants increase the beauty of a lake, stabilize the soil, help prevent runoff into the waters, and provide food and cover for any fish or wildlife.  There are both aquatic and shoreline plants that enhance a lake’s beauty.  Talking to a professional will give ideas of what has worked for other people and what has worked well in a particular geographic location.

Lakes and ponds do not simply maintain themselves.  While the aesthetic part of adding plants to a lake is for purposes of beauty, the fact is, plants and fountains offer very real and practical benefits to the lake.  Crystal clear waters are not just a random happening in nature.  They occur when there is the right set of circumstances in the environment.  Mud sloughing off in the water, stagnant water, and barren land with no vegetation surrounding a lake or pond makes for murky waters.  The proper incorporation of fountains and vegetation into lake and pond management can help keep the lake looking pristine.

This is of obvious commercial interest to hotels, golf courses, and resorts.  People come expecting the beautiful blue, clear waters they see in the brochures.  For repeat business, proprietors of commercial establishments need to take a serious look at their lake management programs to keep their waters clean, clear, and healthy.

Abigail JonesComment