Summer – Time To Visit Private Lakes

Summer is a time to rest, take a breather, and relax from being cramped up all winter.  Thoughts turn to outside activities…barbeques, ball games, swimming, and water sports.  For those lucky enough to be around water, their thoughts may turn to fishing and private lakes.

Private lakes are a great way to get out in nature to relax, to fish, and to enjoy the fellowship of family and friends.  These waters offer serenity and the lure of big fish to catch.  It is a great way to unwind from the stress of work.  These nature spots offer generally wonderful views in serene settings. 

Private lakes are an excellent way to get some good fishing in during the summer.  While there are public waters, private lakes, whether privately own for the pleasure of family and friends, or privately owned as a business venture, can offer some of the best fishing and clearest water you can find anywhere.

There are two types of private lakes.  There are privately owned family lakes.  Then, there are lake retreats run as businesses.  Some offer boating and fishing only.  Some include the possibility of hunting.  And, of course, there are different types of lodges and cabins, as well as different kinds of meal arrangements.

If the private lake you are visiting is one not your own, but one that rents cabins, it is necessary to get a full understanding of what is available, particularly if you have a family with smaller children.  Some private lake experiences are geared more to adults, or hunters, and some are geared more to a family taking a vacation.  It is necessary to get a clear understanding of what is available at the lake you are considering and whether it is suitable for the experience you hope to create with your family or friends.

If you plan on boating, you can determine ahead of time what kinds of boats are allowed.   If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing, experience, you can find out if the boats are private fishing boats, or larger ones which could create a less tranquil experience.  With some lakes, you can fish without a boat, and others will definitely require a boat.  On the other hand, maybe you are not focusing as much on fishing, but on a boat big enough to go for an outing for the day on the water with family or friends.  All these are things to determine and consider during the planning stage of your trip or vacation to a private lake.

Private lakes are all over the country, from high mountain lakes, to lakes in the northern states, to lakes in Texas.  Some of what used to be public fishing has now been converted to private fishing.  Like it or not, it is easier to keep the waters and lands clean when the people visiting have respect for them, and have to pay a price to use them.  The price tag required to enter some private lakes keeps out those who would them merely a dump for used beer cans.  There are many privately owned Texas lakes that can be fished for bass.  Bass lakes owned privately in Texas can offer fishing experiences not necessarily possible in public waters.

If you like fishing, if you like the outdoors, if you want some enjoyable, quality experiences this summer, think private lakes, either for fishing or recreation.

Abigail JonesComment