Take a Break – Go Fishing

When vacation time comes, think of taking a trip to a fishing resort.   Or, it does not have to be a long week long vacation.  There are places that have two day fishing trip packages where anglers can get away and relax as they seek to reel in the “next big one”.

These fishing resorts vary greatly in what they offer and provide.  Some provide a guide, a boat, lodging and snacks.   Others provide a boat only.  Some are geared more to adults.  Others offer pricing and cabins suitable for children.  It is important to find a resort that is age appropriate for the people involved.  It is important also to know exactly what you are getting for the money you are paying.  Some offer meals, and some offer snacks only.  All these factors come into play in the planning of the trip.

There are different lakes and ponds available in these different fishing spots.  Not only are the bodies of water of differing sizes, but they are also stocked with varied kinds of fish.  It is possible to find something that fits your fishing preference. 

The management of these places varies as well.  Some are very strict and will not allow outside boats.  The reason for this is to prevent any lake contamination from outside algae or invasive species such as zebra mussels.  There also may be strict requirements and limits about how many people are allowed to fish, and how often.   This helps keep the fish from becoming “lure-wise”.   It is extremely important that you understand what is allowed, and what is not allowed, before you set out.  Don’t just drive up with a boat in tow without knowing what the specific rules are.

With the fishing resorts that are oriented towards the family, there may be something for everyone.  Dad and the oldest brother might be able to get a boat and fish on their own.  The younger children may be able to fish from a dock.  And mom can watch the kids from a cabin. 

And of course, there are places where a person can relax and fish for an afternoon, without staying overnight.  Locals will know of lakes, streams, and ponds to fish.  There may be day fishing offered at a local commercial fishing and boating business.

In any case, during the summer, and beyond summer in some of the warmer areas of the country, there are places to relax and fish.  It just takes getting out and finding them.   Once you do, it is time to pack up the fishing poles and head out.

Abigail JonesComment