The Pleasures of a Private Pond

In today's high-pressured society, people often feel the need to "get away" and relax and recover to be able to deal with the pressures of business and life. Sometimes the process of "getting away" becomes as stressful as the work or life situation. There is the time necessary to plan a vacation or getaway. There is the expense of the tickets or hotel room or flight as the case may be. And there is the stress of actually getting from here to there. Whether by plane or train or bus or car, there is a time of stress while getting to a place to relax.

There is something to be said for owning your own private lake or pond, if you have the land necessary to create one. The investments made in ongoing vacations will come and go without any monetary return. A property where a lake or pond has been developed has increased net worth. In other words, the money spent on a vacation you will never see again (unless you end up making a business deal while out on the surf and sand). The money placed into creating your own lake is something that increases the homeowner's land value, and can be something that is passed down as part of a family legacy.

When considering creating a pond or lake, it is an excellent idea to go to a professional. Some people scour the internet for free advice. Some of the advice is good, but to the uninstructed, there is no real way to know which is the most critical and important advice to know. Everything has its learning curve. If a person has ever done a do-it-yourself home project, he or she realizes that there is a requirement to buy the tools and learn the tricks of the trade and often it would be cheaper in the long run to simply go to an expert. They have been through the paces and know the things to do and the things to avoid.

Building a private pond or lake is a significant project. It involves testing the soil and finding out the soil's capacity to hold water. It requires understanding the watershed. It requires understanding and planning the lake or pond in accordance with the homeowner's vision. It requires knowing how line the pond or lake if a liner is necessary. It requires knowing how to create the proper environment for fish, how to stock fish properly in the proper ratios, and how to control weeds and algae. There are many factors to consider and those who are professionals know how to deal with these factors, both in the construction of a lake or pond, and in the stocking of a lake or pond.

A private lake or pond is a great place to get away and relax. It can be as close as stepping out the back door. It is a way to bond with family and friends, and unwind from the stress of modern day living. A private lake or pond can definitely be a good investment that holds value for the future.

Abigail JonesComment