What Does A Professional Lake Management Service Do?

What does a pond and lake management service do?  It provides consultation services for either building a fishing lake or pond, or corrects problems with a current body of water.  Pond and lake management services exist around the country and are utilized to help homeowners with every aspect of lake management.

Services offered can include lake or pond construction, fish stocking, fertilization, feeders, and harvesting.  The construction phase involves determining the permeability of  the soil, the type of watershed, the need for liners or clay, as well as designing the lake or pond with the desires of the  homeowner in mind, as well as according to what kinds of fish are to be stocked and whether there are to be amenities such as a sand beach for swimming.  A complete analysis has to be done in order to determine exactly what must be done.

Sometimes the services of a professional lake management service are called in because a property is purchased and past mistakes of prior owners need to be corrected.  The skill of professionals can be used to analyze the current situation and give suggestions to correct it.  In some cases, it is possible to tweak the current situation.  In other instances, it may be necessary to do more radical changes.  For example, it may be necessary to remove the current fish population and restock with correct percentages.  Or, an aeration system may need to be introduced.

Prior mistakes that may need to be corrected include over-harvesting desirable fish, under-harvesting predator fish, dealing with undesirable species, dealing with summer fish kills perhaps due to a lack of oxygen, poor water quality, too many weeds, and a lack of fertilization.  The fish populations can be evaluated through use of shocking equipment or nets.  Not only are the numbers of predator and desirable fish determined, the health of the fish population is also evaluated.

Professional lake management companies have equipment and resources available to them that are far beyond the resources of the average homeowner.  They have methods and trained personnel; some including trained biologists that can help determine what is necessary.  A rookie homeowner, trying to understand what to do about a pond or lake by surfing the internet and looking for free information, cannot match the resources of a truly professional lake management company.

Generally the saying “you get what you pay for” is true, and free advice can also be wrong advice.  When you are dealing with something the size of a lake or pond, moving in the wrong direction due to free advice can be very costly.  It is better to do it right the first time, than pay for an expensive mistake twice.

A pond and lake management company can help create the lake the homeowner desires.  For some, it may simply be a place to relax.  For others, it may be a place for some fishing with the grandchildren.  And for still others, it may be a place of trying to create a lake with trophy bass.  No matter what the goals, it pays to get in touch with a professional company for guidance and direction as to how to move forward.

Abigail JonesComment