fishing, aesthetics, or leisure-we design based on your goals 

Our Shoreline Consulting team of professionals can handle the design and construction of your lake no matter how complex. We have available every kind of heavy earth-moving equipment needed to construct your lake, or we can offer supervision of an earthmoving company in your area. We take the time to match the lake exactly to your expected needs...every detail from add fishing structures to providing floating docks, building boat ramps, installing water features or even adding a sand beach.

Proper design is the smart first step toward a body of water that will serve your needs for generations. Our lake design team starts by determining your needs. Once we know the type of lake that you prefer, and what sort of property is available to work with, we assess the rainfall and watershed of the area to determine the size and shape of your project. Depth and proper slope are always taken into consideration to help reduce long-term vegetation control costs. We offer built-in drains to rid your lake of dead, unproductive water at the bottom and also address any supplemental aeration and structural needs. If it’s important to lake design, we handle it for you.