We do the dirt work, so you can enjoy the view. 

Shoreline Consulting Inc. provides full-service lake building, planning and design. Upon determining your needs, we will manage all aspects of design and construction. Size, shape, depth, rainfall, and drainage are a few of the determining factors in the planning of your lake. Let Shoreline Consulting Inc. handle the design, building or renovation of a lake to suit your needs.

Proper design is essential in order to create the lake desired for recreational and aesthetic purposes. Expert planning is extremely valuable as a poorly designed lake can result in failure over time, plus extra maintenance expenses. The desired size and purpose of the lake or pond will determine the equipment needed and the volume of material to be moved. The investment required for a man-made lake is significant enough that professional services should be sought from the project’s inception. Free internet advice can result in a project that is costly to repair.  It is better to plan correctly from the beginning using the services of experts who not only have experience with lake construction, but who also employ biologists who can correctly develop the correct habitat for a fish in a private pond or lake.