There are few companies in existence that are able to bring together both lake lining expertise and also proper recreational lake design/construction.

There are many situations where a lake liner might be necessary, such as a new site with permeable soil or the renovation of an existing lake that is likely to leak once the silt is removed. Lining may be accomplished with soil from another location on the property, clay purchased from a nearby source, bentonite added to the existing soil or, often, a plastic liner. All types of liners have their proper applications and we can guide you through the selection process to ensure you use the correct liner.


There is a wide variety of pond and lake liners to help prevent lake leakage. Some determining factors of which liner to use are the size of the body of water, the current soil permeability, the longevity required, and elements to which the liner will be exposed. Lake liners are a cost effective way to prevent lakes and ponds from leaking. Other possibilities are clay and bentonite. A professional evaluation of your situation and goals will reveal the correct possibilities to make a good decision on how to proceed.