our team of experts can provide the quality and expertise that will keep your pond or lake looking good years down the road. 

There are many reasons to renovate an existing lake or pond. Sometimes an existing fishery’s population has deteriorated to the point that it makes sense to perform total fish eradication and restart the ecosystem with balanced stocking of quality fish. Sometimes it is necessary to repair drainage systems, leaking or damaged dams, and remove sediment from existing ponds. Renovation is sometimes necessary due to initial poor construction.

If you have not yet created your pond or lake, and are thinking of a do-it-yourself job, realize that many ponds and lakes have to be “fixed” after the fact due to poor planning. If you have not yet created your own lake or pond, go to our “Design” tab for more information or contact us. Extra expense for repairs and revamping is necessary when lakes or ponds or created in poor locations without proper planning and design. Renovation and restoration is often required due to not doing it right the first time; this comes from inexperience. In the long run, doing it right the first time will provide savings overall as compared to trying to fix mistakes.

Building or renovating a lake or pond designed to meet your needs can involve many factors.  Not only is expertise required in the planning and construction phase, there are permits to obtain.  Let Shoreline Consulting Inc. handle the stress of obtaining permits and designing, building or renovating your lake or pond to suit your needs. In fact, let us take care of everything. We’re the lake design, construction and renovation experts you can trust.